IPC Textiles, the partner of European textile players

Discover the services of IPC Textiles, specialist in design, production and distribution of textiles in France and Europe. We offer market-driven original product development, fast delivery and advice services customized to your needs.

Design and development

At IPC Textiles, we are committed to offering home textiles and garment in line with market requests. Our experienced team works together at every stage of the process, from selection of raw materials to selection of color panels. Thanks to your technical expertise and synergy between production and designers, collections are quickly adapted to customer's needs.


We understand the importance of standing out in the market. That is why IPC Textiles and our in-house design team are here to bring your ideas to life using cutting-edge techniques such as :

  • Plain or jacquards knitting and Warp & Weft weaving

  • Pentamante multi-head and multicolor embroidery

  • Digital printing in wide width, rotative printing, flocking and embossing

Fast delivery and production

IPC Textiles understands the importance of fast and reliable delivery. Thanks to our two-headed structure and our logistical partners, we are able to distribute by direct delivery to retails business in France and Europe. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our ability to meet deadlines while maintaining consistent quality.


Customized production: Fast, high-quality production and dispatched in 4-6 weeks.

Permanent collection: Shipment within a few days with direct delivery to the retail shops.

France and Europe distribution

IPC Textiles stands out for its fast and efficient distribution throughout Europe. Thanks to our strong international shipping experience and strong transport partnerships, we are able to deliver our textile collections in the shortest possible time, wherever you are in Europe.

Advisory service

At IPC Textiles, we are not only product suppliers but also trusted partners. We offer an advisory services to facilitate your choice of products, patterns and trends. Our team is here to answer all your questions and provide expert advice to help you make the best choices for your business. Multi-lingual, our team can assist you in French, English or Turkish.

IPC Textiles is the ideal choice for the design, customisation, production and distribution of textiles in France and Europe. With our customized approach, fast delivery and technical expertise, we pride ourselves on providing high quality products at reasonable prices. Trust our team to turn your ideas into reality and to help you succeed in your business.

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